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Less Drama, More Mama!

With all the negativity going on in the world, sometimes we just need to turn off the TV, put the phone down and focus on something positive. It’s time to get back to doing what we love. If you don’t know quite what that is anymore, then it’s time for an adventure.

What is your absolute favorite thing to do? What is your passion? For me, my passion is photography. I LOVE capturing the beauty that surrounds us. I didn't ALWAYS know that I loved photography. When I started running, I began to notice old barns and trees and how stunning they looked against the background of a sunset. I bought my first camera and here I am 19 years later, still LOVING it. But my passion is my own. Yours may be completely different. It doesn't matter what you love to do. What matters is that you make time to do it. (Just make sure it is legal, HA!)

What happens to you when you are doing something you love? How does your mind and heart feel? Does it not feel GREAT? And when you feel great, how do you think you are perceived by others? Even better, do you think your positive energy rubs off on them a little? Of course it does!

When you prioritize your health, mentally and/or physically, it naturally becomes easier to focus on the important things in life. Many of us put the needs of so many others in front of our own, it’s no wonder why we often feel defeated. Give yourself this one gift- a little time to focus on you. Even as little as 10 minutes of YOU time will make a difference.

Once you figure out what it is you truly love to do, do it every day. Do it as much as possible. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself making time for yourself for a change and it will feel GOOD!

The most important thing of all is to ensure you spend time doing a hobby or activity you love and enjoy. When we participate in doing something we love, we radiate so many positive emotions, all magnetizing out into the universe to bring you back more joy and happiness. So many people get stuck in a rut and lose focus on what is important and brings them pleasure. Find something you love to do, and do it daily. Make time for it, and even better, make a career out of it! Life is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Of course, you can learn though pain, but why learn through pain when you can learn and grow through pleasure?

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