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5 FUN WAYS to Stay Active in Autumn!

Keeping active during the autumn months is important. There are so many wonderful ways to stay fit in the colorful Midwest fall season! Remember, the trick is to find something you enjoy that gets your mind and body moving while relishing the great outdoors! Here are a few of my favorite activities:


Grab your bike and pedal away through the neighborhood. Feeling like taking more of a journey than just a quick ride through town? Try some of these amazing trails:

  • Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas is a 1,600-acre park located at 79th and Renner Road in Shawnee, Kansas.It is the largest park in Johnson County and the most visited park in the entire state of Kansas. Definitely worth the time.

  • Weston, Missouri is known for their quaint antique shops, historic sites, vineyards, and museums. There’s also a state park on the bluffs of the Missouri River where Lewis and Clark walked, with beautiful views, trails, picnic, and camping sites. What a great place to get in touch with nature while biking along!

  • Flint Hill Trails in Kansas. The trail starts in Osawatomie and Covers 117 miles in five counties.This is beautiful in the fall.I’ve only covered 22 miles of this trail.It’s time for me to go back and get some more miles in on this beautiful trail that runs along the river.

  • Katy Trail in Missouri.This trail starts in Clinton and goes to St. Louis.There is a spur in Pleasant Hill called the Rock Island Trail that now joins into the Katy Trail.My biking group did a 100-mile round trip last June on this trail. What a great experience!

  • There are trails everywhere. Find a new biking trail of your own


  • Soccer, kickball, basketball, tennis.It doesn’t matter if you're good at sports or not; get out and have fun!Grab the kids and family and make a game of it.When my kids were young, they always enjoyed Mom and Dad getting outside with them and playing games.Great exercise for everyone and good family time.We would have ‘game nights’ and everyone looked forward to them. Making memories and getting fit--fitness at its best!


  • What a nice way to end the day with sunset yoga! The fall weather is perfect for this as it helps calm down your mind and body.

  • You can join a yoga or Pilates class or grab a few friends and follow a video on youtube or even craft your own yoga or Pilates.

  • The golden hours at sunset will be beyond beautiful for all of your balances, and the lovely backdrop is perfect for relaxing.


  • Just getting out in the fresh Fall air is invigorating for the mind and soul.

  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

  • Breathe in deeply the smells of autumn as you go for your walk, jog, or run.Your spirit will be renewed with each step you take.


  • Google what’s close in your area or take a road trip and find some adventure in another area.

  • The Arboretum at 179th and 69 highway in Overland Park, Kansas is a beautiful way to relax and unwind.

  • Sugar Creek Trails in Kansas, 7 miles south of Drexel Mo, is another lovely area to investigate

  • Lake of the Ozarks has a multitude of color every Fall

  • Ha Ha Tonka State Park is in Camden County, Mo is a recreation area that encompasses 3,700 acres. Gorgeous!

  • These are just a few places I’ve been.Get out and enjoy the nature around you!You’ll be glad you did! Being out in nature will naturally boost your creativity and focus. Your mood and self-esteem will improve.The fresh air and sunshine will help increase your Vitamin D levels.It is a win-win for everyone!

I wish you luck in finding your favorite autumn activities. With so many different types of activities, I’m sure you’ll find your perfect balance! Enjoy the magnificent colors of the fall foliage as you allow your mind to wander in the peace and joy of nature. Keeping fit is so very important for your mind, body and soul…...happy trails!

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